The Projects

Jože Plečnik’s almost century-old waterfront sequence, with at least a dozen distinct segments, represents an overlooked contribution to the urban edge discussion. His interventions in Ljubljana testify to his considerations of the ethical consequences of waterfront infrastructure, addressing not only the operative requirements of these systems but their ability to contribute to civic life in the capital.

The Proposal

The Ljubljana projects, an operative encyclopedia of a resilient infrastructural systems, are strewn out along a 2-mile stretch of the Ljubljanica and Gradaščica rivers. During a two-week-long walk, these interventions were documented in detail with a series of sections and site plans mapping the contextual, topographical, and situational provocations of site context.


Follow as drawings and other raw materials from the trip are digested into a catalog of forms, sectional drawings, and diagrams capturing the various edge conditions deployed by Plečnik across Ljubljana.